Japanese Physical Therapy

Kung Fu Mouse demonstrates Sotai

Kung Fu Mouse demonstrates Sotai

The word Sotai comes from Japanese words So” for Work and Tai” for Body.

Sotai is included in Manaka’s Yin Yang Balance Treatment.  Structural balancing is a hallmark of the Ion Pumping Cord treatments.

The Japanese believe that imbalance can be from trauma, improper body mechanics or emotional stress.  Imbalances in the muscular structure cause imbalance in the skeletal structure.  This impairs the flow of Qi in the channels and related organs. Imbalance of Qi in the channels leads to disease in the organs.  Always treat imbalance before it reaches the organ level.  This can prevent disease.  Structural balance is important for all health.

“What makes Jean so valuable as an acupuncturist is the depth of her knowledge and experience.  Her treatments are so complete that I always feel so much better.”  Janice W.

Factors that lead to imbalance include:

  • Old injuries & scars
  • Unbalanced contact with metal from dental work, rings, watches, bracelets
  • Biased neck muscles from one sided vision or hearing difficulties
  • Carrying a purse on one shoulder or packages in one hand for a long time
  • One-sided sports
  • Extended computer use with non-ergonomic desk/chair
  • Changes due to aging

Sotai is a technique that re-educates the muscle to relax.  It is amazingly simple  based on working the opposite muscle with a gentle directed movement coupled with breathing.  There are Sotai exercises you can do daily to keep your structure balanced.  See “Sotai Exercises” in Handouts.

Buddy & Bomber have no structural tension>  They do their sotai daily!

Buddy & Bomber have no structural tension. They do their sotai daily!