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Chinese scar treatment
Chinese scar treatment

The Japanese pay close attention to scars.  Scar tissue blocks the flow of Qi.  Qi does not move through scar tissue.  When Qi does not move, the body compensates by creating a bias.  A bias in the body whether from scar tissue or muscle tension from stress leads to imbalance.  Imbalance in the structure leads to imbalances in the organs.  The Japanese believe that if you keep the structure balanced, you can prevent disease.

So many surgeries in our body sever the flow of Qi by actually cutting the channels or meridians.  This restricts the flow of Qi along the pathway of the meridians.  This can affect not just the meridian, but the organ as well.    The scar tissue and adhesions that are left from surgery block the flow of Qi not just to the area of the incision but down the channel.  I have treated phantom pain or unexplained pain that made sense when you know the pathways of the meridians.

There are several approaches to treating scar tissue.  The Chinese technique is to needle shallowly along the scar on both sides of the scar.  The needles are manipulated to physically break up the scar tissue.  Because the incision has cut the nerves and the Qi and Blood have not been able to nourish the tissue, this technique actually brings life to the deadened area.

The Japanese use the same procedure but with light contact needling or Teishin needle to energetically break up the tissue with no insertion into the scar.  My favorite is the Zanshin, a conical shaped tool with edges that physically break up the scar tissue.  The Zanshin creates a suction that brings nourishing Qi and Blood to the area.  The Zanshin tool also helps release muscle tension especially on the back of the neck.  

“I know that my burn from radiation was quickly dissipated by Jean’s treatment.  The scar work that she is doing makes me feel better.  The build up of scar tissue is decreasing.” Janice W.

I have treated the considerable scar tissue that is left after breast removal.  The work is extensive and requires a delicate touch.  I trace the paths of meridians that have been cut by the surgeon’s knife.  One client had debilitating electrical shocks shooting down her legs until I re-connected her meridians using my Teishin.  Severed meridians can be as painful as damaged nerves.  The surgeon could not find anything physically causing the pain.  Japanese and Chinese medicine not only has an explanation but can treat the pain.

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This client had better use of her hand after a scar treatment.

This client had better use of her hand after one scar treatment.