Scalp Acupuncture

What is Dr. Zhu’s Scalp Acupuncture?

Talking Heads at Tucson Gem Show

Talking Heads at Tucson Gem Show

Dr. Zhu’s Scalp acupuncture is a specialized micro-system acupuncture technique. Many acupuncture points are located on the head. These points can be organized into micro-systems of the body superimposed on the skull.

These micro-systems are like graphics of little people down the back of your head, across the top and along the front edge of the hairline. There is even one micro-system of a person standing on the top of your head that treats the body from head to toe in one point. These micro-systems correspond to areas of the body and become a map for your acupuncture treatment.

Specific areas of the head are used for different parts of the body. The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left brain controls the right side of the body. The needles are placed on the scalp accordingly.

Short, fine needles are inserted on the scalp to achieve therapeutic effects for different parts of the body. The needles are not painful. They can be inserted when you are sitting.

Exercising with scalp needles helps the treatment

Once the needles are inserted, they are stimulated while you move the body part that is affected. This helps engage the brain and makes the treatment more effective. When I treated a stroke patient in my clinic, he practiced walking without his cane to better train his nervous system. With several treatments a week, he saw improvement. A Parkinson’s patient with severe tremors did not shake when he had scalp acupuncture. A young man with a spinal cord injury went to the gym wearing his scalp needles.

How long do the needles stay in?

My dog seeks enlightenment with scalp needles

My dog Dolphy seeks enlightenment with scalp needles.

Needles are left in place during the hour treatment and up to 72 hours. I typically recommend overnight. Doing specific exercises for your condition with the scalp needles in place enhances the treatment. The points are typically on the top of the head so usually there is not a problem sleeping.

What does scalp acupuncture treat?

This technique has yielded outstanding results for thousands of Dr. Zhu’s patients and has become recognized worldwide as one the most effective methods for the treatment of a wide variety of difficult to manage medical conditions.

Scalp acupuncture is particularly helpful for treating pain and nervous system disorders such as acute and chronic pain syndromes, stroke, spinal cord injury, MS, Meniere’s, Bell’s Palsy, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s.