Japanese Tools and Techniques


Teishin DSC00429

Oversized needle 3” with blunt tip.

Gold needle supplements points and channels

Silver needle disperses points and channels

Used like a needle without insertion for external Qi manipulation on points and channels


Enshin DSC00425

Heavy 3″ silver tool with large round end

Used to stroke channels to supplement flow of Qi

Often used for back treatments

Smaller end can be used for dispersion techniques


Zanshin DSC00426

Cone shaped 3″ tool made from silver or copper

Used for dispersing Qi in areas of pain and stagnation

Creates a suction and can be used as small cupping instrument

Effective for use on scar tissue

Shonishin Tools

Shonishin Tools

Tools used to treat children
Children naturally very Yang and don’t need needles for treatment
Move Qi in channels to resolve stagnation
Bring Qi to channels to supplement vacuity or deficiency
Tools include rake, several teishin styles , small whisk, roller
Children love to play with these tools and help with their treatment!
Tools made from metals: Copper & brass – warming, Stainless-neutral

Manaka Hammer and Wooden Needle

Manaka Hammer with wooden needle

Large wooden needle & small wooden hammer

Tapped to cadence specific for each meridian

Vibration of the hammer balances Qi in channel

Specific tempo with metronome harmonizes Qi in channel

Moves stagnation & treats pain

Ion Pumping Cords

Ion Pumping Cords

Long wire cords with positive & negative alligator clips on either end.

Diode in the middle allows the body’s potential current energy to flow in one direction completing a circuit with the wires.

Balances the Ion flows and concentrations in the body.

Helps with structural alignment, organ & meridian balancing, effective for pain.

Used for Eight Extraordinary Vessels and other special treatments.