Here are the Health History Form and the Arbitration and Treatment Consent Forms that you need to fill out and bring to your first office visit.  If your Health Insurance covers acupuncture, I include the Health Insurance Financial Agreement for my office.

I also include some handouts and articles that may be of interest to you. Education is a major part of my Acupuncture practice.  I will customize the information I provide for you based on your individual patterns and imbalances.

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  1. Health History Form (pdf)
  2. Arbitration Agreement & Treatment Consent Form (pdf)
  3. Financial Agreement Health Insurance (pdf)
  4. Five Phase Correspondence Chart (pdf)
  5. Chinese Seasonal Calendar(pdf)
  6. The Chinese Body Clock (pdf)
  7. The-Purple-Pill-Myth (pdf)
  8. Foods that Treat Inflammation
  9. Tea Study for Hypertension (pdf)