Acupuncture Treatments & Herbs Work, Even for Dogs!

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My dog, Dolphy, carries the paper every day because she takes her Chinese herbs.  Dolphy is a Heeler mix with a Mom who is part Aussie.  Anyone who has a herding dog knows that these dogs need jobs.   I taught Dolphy to carry the paper when we moved to Tucson from the mountains of Colorado.  She was a young dog with lots of energy then and needed to be kept busy.

Dolphy is an older dog now and her hips have gotten stiff with arthritis.  She no longer felt like carrying the paper because her hind legs were too stiff and painful.  She even cut her walks short.  I put Dolphy on Chinese herbs.  Within days she returned to her youthful energy and carries the paper everyday.  She badgers me until she gets that paper!

Acupuncture helps dogs feel better too.  Dolphy injured her back jumping out of the car this summer on a road trip to Colorado.  Her right hind leg was twisted at a funny angle and she was not able to bare weight on it.  She was limping and in pain.  I was a long way from her vet, so I treated her with acupuncture needles that night.  She was back to her happy dog-self the next day.

I am not licensed to treat your pets.  You have to see your veterinarian for that.  I can recommend my vet Dr. Janet Forrer who does Chinese herbs and acupuncture at Sunrise Pet Clinic. But if you are wondering if acupuncture and Chinese herbs really work, my dog can tell you, Yes!

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